Datasets by publication
A human fetal lung cell atlas uncovers proximal-distal gradients of differentiation and key regulators of epithelial fates, He et al 2022 BioRxiv
A spatial multi-omics atlas of the human lung reveals a novel immune cell survival niche, Madissoon et al 2021 BioRxiv

5 locations from lung: airways and parenchyma. scRNAseq 10x, snRNAseq 10x, Visium ST

A cellular census of human lungs identifies novel cell states in health and in asthma, Vieira Braga et al 2019, Nature Medicine

Airways and parenchyma, healthy and asthmatic patients. scRNAseq 10x and smartseq2

scRNA-seq assessment of the human lung, spleen, and esophagus tissue stability after cold preservation, Madissoon et al 2020, Genome Biology

Parenchyma healthy. scRNAseq 10x, bulk RNA-seq